DL320 G5

derrick church
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DL320 G5

I have DL320 G5 with 2 SATA Drives installed I created an Array using the F8 tool and that works fine, and I set the boot controllor order in bios to be first.

My problem is I cant use the smart start CD, using 7.6 version, it just cant find the the bootable controller and wont let me continue... what is the deal here, can i not use the smartstart cd when using the embedded Sata Drives?
David Muther
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Re: DL320 G5


I have the same problem like you.

Do you find a issue.


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Re: DL320 G5

Same problem here , but on a DL360 G4p with a pair of 750Gb SATA's.

Just been told by my reseller that these servers dont support SATA via Smartstart , and I have to get my NT4 hat on , and install the OS manually pressing the F6 to load third party drivers.....grrrr

Is this really the case ? 2 steps forward and one step back........