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DL320 does not install drivers for USB-Drives

Mathias Reich
New Member

DL320 does not install drivers for USB-Drives

Hello together

We have a DL320 G3 with W2k8. Trying to connect one of 2 USB-Drives from WD is giving the following sympthoms:
- Hardware manager shows new unknown hardware, blinks with app. 2 sec. period. Installation of Drivers ends unsuccesful.
- Drives are starting to run and than switching between low and high intense control-light with app. 2 sec. period. I can also hear a clicking noise with the same period. (internal Read/Write-System?)
- One Drive is supporting USB 1.1 and 2.0, the other is supporting 2.0 only.
- WD power consumption specifications for one Drive is 5V /1A max, 650mA normal. For the other Drive I have not found the specifications.

- Is it possible that the USB-Port on the DL320 has to low Power for the usb-drives? On other (older and newer) ProLiant Severs the Drives will be connected perfect.
- What can I do to get the Drives connected?

Thanx for all Informations and hints,