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DL320s WSS2003 R2 SIS error "sisadmin.exe timed out (10 Seconds)"

jamie lynch
Occasional Contributor

DL320s WSS2003 R2 SIS error "sisadmin.exe timed out (10 Seconds)"


Brand new storage server server 2003 Sp2 R2 with factory hp image installed. Enabled SIS on a GPT partition that is 4.2TB in size. All was looking good for a couple of days and then sis stopped working. When trying to view the SIS info 'space saved' in the 'HP storage server management console' I was getting 'unavailable' and a an error message in the app event log (sisadmin.exe timed out (10 seconds)when retrieving volume information for ). Searched for solution and found that 'HP Storage Server Service Release' needed version 6.40 or above. Downloaded 6.60 from HP website and ran the 'HP service release wizard'. I let the wizard automatically select the components it needed and installed the components. Reebooted the system and tried again to view the information in the 'HP Storage Server Manager Console' and still I get the error message 'unavailable' in the console and the error - (sisadmin.exe timed out (10 seconds)when retrieving volume information for ). I have confirmed that the system has the latest HP Storage Server Release by confirming this in the update wizard.

In addition to this I have also noticed that I have another error in the app event log before the above error and the source is from ESENT (see below);

grovel (1308) An attempt to move the file "e:\SIS Common Store\edb.log" to "e:\SIS Common Store\edb001C4.log" failed with system error 32 (0x00000020): "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. ". The move file operation will fail with error -1032 (0xfffffbf8).

I think this is the root of it, but I am unable to see what the problem is as I can get to the directory and see all the files. I have no antivirus running and I have halted backup apps for the moment and vss snapshots. So I am stumped as to why it cannot access the file, due to being used by another process???

WHAT IS GOING ON??? Can somebody point me in the right direction with this.