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DL360 G1 Hardware Restarts Sudden Reboots

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DL360 G1 Hardware Restarts Sudden Reboots

I have a DL360 G1 1ghz 2gb Ram running w2k3 server. Firmware p21 11/2002 The server originally had 1 CPU and was running without issues. However it was recently upgraded to 2 CPU’s, both were replaced, the original had a different stepping. The sever reboot fine and loaded the OS. Was shutdown and reinserted into the rack.

Now when it reboots it starts loading the OS and just powers off, at first thought it was an OS issue, but the power off occurs at different points in the startup process, during array config detection, if I go into utilities partition, it just clicks off and restarts.

Thinking it may be the CPU’s, I put original back in and I now still have the issue

The last status of this was it will now boot in to system utilities and I ran diagnostics no issues, no reboot.

My thoughts are

1. Thermal issues?
2. Power Supply

Any ideas? Has anyone experience this issue?




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Re: DL360 G1 Hardware Restarts Sudden Reboots

Hi, first, you must use apropriate devices recommended by HP,sometimes a similar processor can work fine but in any time can present troubles like this, try reconnecting all internal devices, cards, processors, coolers, etc. then check again.
In this link read about Rack Airflow Requirements, it can be help you too:

good luck
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Re: DL360 G1 Hardware Restarts Sudden Reboots


I should have been more specific.

The server is mounted in and open rack, airflow not an issue.

The original processor was not a Compaq option, the 2 that were installed was.

There is a 3com 3c985 and and Adaptec HVD controller in stalled which were removed with no difference.

Thanks again for the input.


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Re: DL360 G1 Hardware Restarts Sudden Reboots


Got excacltly the same problem. More strange is the fact that 3 of the dl360 servers are running fine and the next one I try to install will result in rebooting.