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DL360 G5 Shared iSCSI drive slow to desktops.

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DL360 G5 Shared iSCSI drive slow to desktops.

Has anyone out there sucessfully implemented a iSCSI solution on a DL360 G5?

Windows Server 2003 SP1 or SP2(I tried both thinking tha it maybe the MS Scalable Netwroking Pack)

MS iSCSI initiator 2.06 with MPIO

Dedicated Foundry fls624 switch for iSCSI

Dedicated Foundry fls624 switch for LAN so I know there isn't any other traffic on the LAN side either.

Every possible combination of NC360T, NC380T, NC373I, Intel 1000Pro PT Quad Port.

Latest Drivers and Firmware as of today.

If I am at the server console and I copy data to/from the iSCSI SAN to the local disk it is really fast. When I share the iSCSI drive and go to a workstation(dell Precision 390 gigabit network card), the network bandwidth utilization in task manager shows 20% utilization when copying a single 2gb file. When I copy the same file from the servers C:\ drive I get 50-55% utilization.

Out of despiration, I installed the trial version of Windows Server 2008. Since I don't have a Smart Start CD that has all the drivers etc, I just installed it straight from the MS disk. w2008 had the NIC drivers already but there are very few things on the NIC you can change without the NCU or the Broadcom utility which dont; exist yet. So I ended up with everything default. No Jumbo frames or any of the recommended settings for iSCSI. After the install I performed the exact test and the utilization to the workstation was 55% every time.

Has anyone else seen this problem?


Re: DL360 G5 Shared iSCSI drive slow to desktops.


as far as I know HP has had a lot of issues with their multifunction NIC cards and would not be a surprise for me if their drivers to handle this iscsi function is not working properly why

because I see you installed w2008 without proliant suuport pack and W2008 loaded everything and works fine right?

so what happen if you installed PSP 8.0 in that W2008

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Re: DL360 G5 Shared iSCSI drive slow to desktops.


or maybe the

MS iSCSI initiator 2.06 with MPIO is different between W2003 - W2008 ?

have you try another iSCSI initiator version? a previous one?

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Re: DL360 G5 Shared iSCSI drive slow to desktops.

I installed PSP 8.0 which didn't automatically install the NCU. So I downloaded/installed NCU 9.10. When it comes up it tells me the miniport driver version is too old and isn't supported by this version of the NCU. But there isn't a 2008 driver download on the HP web site. W2008 installed version 3.7.19 which is known to have issues. In the end this was just a test to see if W2008 fixed the issue I have in W2003.

I have tried Initiator version 2.04-2.06 MPIO and No MPIO. With and without the Manufacturers DSM. I've also tried the NC360T one for LAN and one for iSCSI which eliminates the problematic NC380T and the NC373i cards. It seems like the issue is only when the server is having to pass the traffic from the iSCSI NIC to the LAN NIC. So I took it further and installed an INTEL 1000pro PT and used 2 ports for iSCSI and one port for LAN figuing this would keep the traffic more or less on one card. Same issue.

I have a clone server that I use for backups running the same Intel quad above for iSCSI and a intel Dual port for LAN it has no issues.


Re: DL360 G5 Shared iSCSI drive slow to desktops.

I was wondering what the final solution was. We are having lots of problems with our iSCSI MSA2012i. Backups are taking forever. I noticed that it is fast between the iSCSI and the server but once we share it to our network clients it drops from 40MB/s to 15MB/s. Our configuration looks close to yours.
DL380 G5 Windows 2003
two QLE4060C for iSCSI and NC373 for LAN.
Microsoft Software Initiator-2.08-build3825
Did changing the HP NICs to Intel solve the problem?
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Re: DL360 G5 Shared iSCSI drive slow to desktops.

I am experiencing this problem also.

Really fast from iSCSI to server. Fast from server to network. But from iSCSI share to network it is slow

Backup exec backups take forever!

Did anyone get anywhere with this?