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Re: DL360 G6 for 200+ users w / data?

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DL360 G6 for 200+ users w / data?

I've got around 250 users that will be set up with roaming profiles. I'm trying to determine if a 2GHZ DL360 G6 will be suitable for the needs of operating as the domain controller and hosting the roaming profiles. It is possible for all users to be logged in simultaneously.

Should I be looking at something more powerful?

I was also considering using a NAS device to host files (SANs are a bit out of the price range).

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Re: DL360 G6 for 200+ users w / data?

While I cannot comment on the roaming profile question, the DL360G6 can hold 8 hard drives (may have to buy HP DL360G6 SFF HD Backplane Kit). If you get 300 GB drives and do RAID 5, you can have at least 1 TB if not 2 TB of storage (depending on number of drives). Make sure you have the 512 MB BBWC option for the P410i disk controller.

The only reason for a NAS is if you want to grow beyond a couple of TB or need it for more than just this server or have some special backup needs.