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DL360 Installation problem

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DL360 Installation problem

Hi everybody

I ordered a DL360 and will mouonted onto my equipment rack. The rack is 820mm Depth and the mounting column is 705mm. Someone said that the door of my rack cannot be opened after I installed the DL360. Please advise.
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Re: DL360 Installation problem

You might be able to make the server fit properly by adjusting the positions of the mounting columns. Depending on which generation of DL360 you have, the slides may require a fixed spacing between the verticals (approx. 29 inches = 736mm). Your cabinet is at the absolute minimum depth to get one of these to fit with any space for cable management (I usually specify 36 inch cabinets = 914mm) and you will need to be creative for it to work.
One alternate solution would be to not use the slides and put the server on a shelf. I have done this with a short 1U cantilever shelf at the front and back so that I only lose 1U of space.

Allan in Atlanta

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