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DL360 SW1 Switch Settings

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DL360 SW1 Switch Settings

I just got a DL360 and I believe that the CPU settings are incorrect (SW1 1-8 all ON) because BOTH CPU failure light stay on. It will not POST at all.

Iv'e pulled the CPUs (P3 866/256/133/1.75V) and tried each one in CPU-1 position. Same Results (No display, No POST).

Can anyone give me the correct SW1 settings for these CPUs?

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Re: DL360 SW1 Switch Settings

If you're in the process of upgrading from 800 to 866 or 933, you should read this item.

Although the DL360's service manual is available at this link...

...the only thing it has to say about SW1 settings is "don't mess with them" (thanks loads, Compaq!). You may actually have to call someone at HP to find out, or compare your unit with another DL360.

Keep in mind that, based on your description, you have a DL360 G1. You should be careful that whoever you talk to about switch settings does not think you have a G2, G3 or later.

As a final suggestion: You have very little to lose, since the system isn't POSTing now, by experimenting with SW1 (though I would make it a point not to apply power for very long under such conditions). Given eight switches, you have sixty-four possible combinations.

Happy tweaking.

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