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DL380 G2 hangs after network driver upgrade

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DL380 G2 hangs after network driver upgrade

We have a DL380 G2, currently running Windows 2000 Server (trying to get ready to do an in-place upgrade to Windows 2003 Server), that now hangs on any attempt to boot.

The recent changes were installing HP NC31xx Fast Ethernet NIC Driver for Windows 2000 ( B) and HP Network Configuration Utility for Windows 2000 ( (Was running 5.?? versions of each - needed to upgrade for Windows 2003 Server.)

On a regular boot, you get to the graphical boot progress screen -- the upper bar continues to scroll but the lower bar stops at 13 blocks filled in.

Trying safe mode, the white-on-black progress screen gets to the point where the white progress bar is complete before it hangs.

Last Known Good Configuration or VGA mode gets to the same point as a regular boot before it hangs.

(Dual 1.266 GHz processors, 4 GB RAM, SmartArray 5i has no drives connected, SmartArray 5300 has six physical drives and two logical drives, P24 BIOS dated 8/17/2002)

Any thoughts on how to get this system up and running?