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DL380 G3 - No video + RAID issues

Ryan Grenz
New Member

DL380 G3 - No video + RAID issues

Hi all,

We have a HP DL380 G3 server with FreeBSD 5.3 installed and the onboard video suddenly does not work any more (also suspect RAID5 issues too - see below).

The server has 3x72Gb RAID 5 disks and 2x 36Gb RAID 1 disks, and all was working great until we did "shutdown -h now", carefully moved the server from one rack to another, powered it back on and we have now waited 8 hours while the RAID appears to be rebuilding (why this is happening I dont know either) - but I am also unable to diagnose anything on screen because the video also doesn't work now.
The machine obviously doesn't boot so I cannot do SSH or setup a serial console.

Can anyone please help me work out how to fit an alternative PCI graphics card (And if so what is the best type to fit in this server? ATI Rage XL for eg?) and is there any relevant DIP switches to alter in doing this to stop it trying to use the broken onboard VGA?

The next question is, if anyone is able to answer - why does the RAID rebuild on powerup like this? I suspect there may be a problem.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


freddy pacheco
New Member

Re: DL380 G3 - No video + RAID issues

Go ahead and while the server is shut down, reseat the processors and find in the motherboard the maintenance switch, clear Nvram, and then power up again the server.

I dont understand the RAID rebuild on powerup like this?

if you have raid issues, go ahead and update the firmware of the SA controller to the latest version from

let me know