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DL380 G4 Fans Too Noisy

John McWilliams_2
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DL380 G4 Fans Too Noisy

Help Please, I have 2 46U racks with DL380's in them, they all have the fan upgrade kits. These servers are meant to regulate the fans based on the room temperature, and the room temperature is 17.5 degrees Centigrade. Its freezing, and I go in my comms room in a coat, so why don't my servers fans slow down? Any ideas, greatfully accepted.
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Re: DL380 G4 Fans Too Noisy

I remember that G3 (and surely G4) has an option to reduce a fan speed in the ROM setup utility.
Tarek Kawach
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Re: DL380 G4 Fans Too Noisy

Hi John:

Fan noise is controlled by the Firmware or bios of the server and there is a setting in the bios to regulate it.

However, once the o/s is loaded the System management drivers suppose to take control of the fans.

- Since you are using the 8 fans then this advisory dosenot apply.

What we can do to resolve this issue:

1- make sure that the firmware for the server is upto date.

2- make sure that the latest Proliant Support pack is installed.

3- if problem continues then contact HP and they will take note of this issue; I don't think that hardware at this time will fix issue; it might and that would be a system board replacement.

Systems ROMPaq Firmware Upgrade Diskette for HP ProLiant DL380 G4 (P51) Servers
version 4.02 P51-12/02/2004 (12 Jan 05)

ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows Server 2003
version 7.20 A (14 Feb 05)

- Hope the that you resovle the issue soon.

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