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DL380 G4 Logical Disk Performance

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DL380 G4 Logical Disk Performance

We have 2 newly installed DL380 G4 servers running Windows Server 2003 SP1 with HP Insight Server Agents version 7.40. We are seeing regular Logical Disk Performance - disk 100% Busy alerts (Event ID's 1179/1180) in the System Logs on these servers. Each has 4 SAN based Vdisks and a direct attached System disc - alerts are only for the SAN discs. However we never got these alerts from the previous DL380 G2 servers, less memory, poorer CPU but an older version of Insight Agents, and we don't think the disks really are that busy.

Does anyone know what specific performance counter is used for this? We are monitoring %Disk Idle Time and that is mainly around 90-100% with occasional dips to 20-25% for a very short period.
Mario Moser
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Re: DL380 G4 Logical Disk Performance

Hy ! I had the same Problem, and I think this occures a Termination from an application which is made by our Company !

Did somebody had a solution ?

BR Mario Moser