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DL380 G4 with 4GB RAM and Windows 2003 only sees 3.5GB

Chris Duate
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DL380 G4 with 4GB RAM and Windows 2003 only sees 3.5GB

Hi, I just got in a new dl380G4 and while the OS counts 4GB of memory on post, the OS only sees 3.5GB of RAM. This is running Windows 2003 server standard edition, which supposedly supports up to 4GB.


kris rombauts
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Re: DL380 G4 with 4GB RAM and Windows 2003 only sees 3.5GB


pls check the BIOS rev of your server and update if needed, also read the Customer Advisory in detail pls:

Updated to resolve issue where systems with exactly 4 Gbytes of memory will not make all 4 GBytes available to the operating system. Typically, the system will report 3.5 Gbytes as being available to the operating system even though 4 Gbytes of DIMMs are installed. Various devices in the system, including embedded PCI devices, plug-in PCI devices, and PCI-Express devices, must have their memory mapped below 4 Gbytes. With previous ROM versions, the memory space used by these devices was lost. With the new version of the System ROM, the memory which was previously lost will be remapped to above 4 Gbytes. Thus, all memory will be available to the operating system, but some of that memory is only addressable above 4 Gbytes. To access memory above 4 Gbytes, the operating system must be configured to enable Physical Address Extensions (PAE) Mode. Consult your operating system user's guide on how to enable PAE mode. For more details, refer to Customer Advisory EL041214_CW01.

last BIOS is here:

Full Advisory explaining the details is here :