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DL380 G5 - Can't find repair console

Michael A. Gross
New Member

DL380 G5 - Can't find repair console

I have installed Windows 2008 x64 on a DL380 G5. After installing Hyper V the Server doesn't start. This is explained in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 950792. A DLL file has to be renamed.

Anyway the KB Article explains that therefore one has to
1. Start from the Windows Server 2008 CD.
2. Set your language preference.
3. Click "Repair your computer".

But I can't find the "Repair your computer" button. I tried start from the "Windows Server 2008 Standard for HP ProLiant" CD and the "HP SmartStart" CD. I can't find a way to start a repair console.

Michael Gross

Re: DL380 G5 - Can't find repair console

i have the same problem , i installed windows 2008 on my servers dl380 g5 , and then installed acronis enterprise server 9.1, i have the same error messege and i can't run windows repair , because widows can't find my drivers , i tried to add drivers but nothing happen
can some body please help