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DL380 G5 NIC Teaming issue

russ hargrove
Occasional Contributor

DL380 G5 NIC Teaming issue

Windows 2008 x64
v8.0 support pack
v4.1.3.0 NIC driver
v9.10.0 Network config util

It would appear that everytime i configure a team it works until I go back into the NCU and click properties, i then get an error stating:

"An error occured due to invalid data in the XML file used by this application. The XML file has been corrupted and should be reinstalled from the installation media"

I can't uninstall the NCU, I can't overwrite or delete it... I'm not even sure what xml it is referring to. Deleting the team and re-creating it does not fix the problem either... what's the best fix for this?
Gazy Gazy

Re: DL380 G5 NIC Teaming issue