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DL380 G5 & NC373F - speed problem

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DL380 G5 & NC373F - speed problem

We installed a DL380 G5 with a NC373F FC-Gigabit-Netzworkcard. The Server connected to a NORTEL BayStack 450-1SR with FC-Modul 1000SX MDA.

In order to test the speed between two server, we copy a file which size is 340 MB. ( SP2 for WIN 2003 SRV )

Copy from alternate Server to HP DL380
Time:approx. 4-5Minutes

Copy from HP DL380 to alternate Server
Time:approx. 5-6 seconds

It doesn’t make any difference whether drive C: or E: on HP DL 380 is used!
Drive C = SAS-Disks on a P400-Controller
Drice E = SCSI-Disk on a MSA500 G2 with internal SA642-Controller

If I copy the Testfile using the embedded Multifunction NIC, it will be done round about 33sek.

We can´t unfortunately configure only a few settings of the FC-Interface on the NORTEL-Switch.

What can I do to increase the speed?

Please help… ;-)