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Re: DL380 Hung on SCSI Prompt

Aren Blondahl
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DL380 Hung on SCSI Prompt

I have a DL380 system running with a raid 5 array, this array has been diagnosed as running with no errors by SmartStart's diagnostic tools.

My problem is, upon boot the machine prompts the following options:

Press "F1" to continue.
Press "F10" to load Smart Array Partition Utility

(Or something along those lines)

My problem is that this prompt does not time out, the machine sits there infefinately waiting for an input, this is rather tedious for every time new updates are installed and a reboot is required I have to get the keys, run upstairs, plug in a keyboard, hit F1, put the keyboard away, and return the keys before I can move on.

Anyone have a solution to this problem? Id either like to disable the prompt, or make it time out, either will work.

Ive got a Smart Array 431 Controller on v1.24 revision of the firmware.
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Re: DL380 Hung on SCSI Prompt

Hi Aren,

Probabily you have an array configuration issue so I recommend to check your array configuration by running the ACU-Array Configuration Utility from smart start CD or with in the OS if you have it installed.

If you do not want to see or prompted for the F1 or F10 Option you can do that through the RBSU--Rom Based Setup Utility

1. Reboot server in to f9 (which is the RBSU or system BIOS setup)
2. Go to Advanced Options and clear the POST F1 prompt option if it is selected

Hope this helps

Amha Kassa
Aren Blondahl
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Re: DL380 Hung on SCSI Prompt

Actually, you will never believe this, but the problem was much simpler than this.

The person who originally set up the machine in the location it's at right now didn't notice that the machine had in fact two power supplies. So naturally he/she only plugged one in. This was causing the system to halt on the prompt.