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DL380 RAID 0+1 on a boot volume

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DL380 RAID 0+1 on a boot volume

We're having a bit of a dispute here regarding whether we should use RAID 0+1 for a boot volume.

According to one of the engineers, if the first physical drive in a RAID 0+1 scheme for the system volume fails, we cannot boot the machine. Is this correct?

He wants to build the boot volumes as RAID 5 to avoid this.
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Re: DL380 RAID 0+1 on a boot volume

Hi Stephen, I guess it depends on whether you plan you use hardware RAID (Smart Array) or OS RAID.

For hardware RAID, it would not be a problem as the disk controller presents a single pseudo physical drive to the OS which would be unaffected by the disk failure.

For OS RAID, it would rely on how the OS references the boot/system disk. There can be workarounds like booting off of another source (floppy diskette) that points to the partner bootable disk.
Regards, Dave