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Re: DL380 Remote Insight Board

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DL380 Remote Insight Board

Our DL380 has the integrated lights out edition board and we have forgotten the password. I dont think we every changed it from the one it came from the factory with.

Does anyone know how to reset it.
Ive tried doing it on the motherboard switch but that only does the BIOS password not the RILOE

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Re: DL380 Remote Insight Board

What model of DL380 do you have? There is a jumper setting on the motherboard to disable the password lock, allowing you to access the RBSU without being prompted, but I believe it varies by model.
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Re: DL380 Remote Insight Board

Its an original "g1". I found the password switch for the BIOS password but not the RILOE?

Any ideas where it might be on the motherboard. I couldnt find it.
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Re: DL380 Remote Insight Board

I apologize, I should have asked for more information. Is this an original RILO card, or a RILO II. I have a RILO II on my desk next to me, and there is a set of four DIP switches on the card itself which will allow a reset. I am currently looking through documentation to see if I can provide an answer as to which switch is correct.
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Re: DL380 Remote Insight Board

If you set the security switch on the mainboard you have access to the iLO RBSU.
There you can create or change users, you also can change the users passwords.
The password for iLO RBSU and remote access over LAN/Browser are the same.

Procedure at RiLOE II is the same.