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DL380 SCSI drive firmware upgrade

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DL380 SCSI drive firmware upgrade

I have a DL380G4 server. I purchased 3 x scsi drives 72.8GB 15k rpm model BF0728B26A.
I then acquired an older model BF072863B6 72.8GB 15k rpm via eBay. I can not get the older model drive to work within a logical raid array.
I have performed insight offline diagnostics and all 4 drives check out ok.

The only reason I can think of is that the older drive has HPB3 firmware level whereas all the other drives have HPB4 firmware.

I have been able to locate and download the newer HPB4 firmware file for the older drive -
BF7863B64.frm file but I do not know how to flash upgrade the drive. I have the Firmware maintenance CD release 7.61 but it has no frm files on it so I can not see how to upgrade the drive.

I have 2 questions -
1. Am I heading in the right direction and is the reason for my problem the older HPB3 firmware that needs to be upgraded to HPB4?

2. If I am correct about the firmware, how do I upgrade the drive? The DL380 is not in service as yet so offline upgrade is prefferred.

3. Is this older drive usable if I upgrade it or should I get a newer model of 72.8GB 15K rpm SCSI drive?