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DL380G4 Smart Array6i "Waiting to rebuild"

Eddie Klaczko
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DL380G4 Smart Array6i "Waiting to rebuild"

Hopefully someone has gone through this before, because I can’t believe what I’m hearing from HP. Basically, during one of our maintenance windows I pulled a set of drives from our Cisco Unity server, powered it back up and left the server rebuilding. The second Array never rebuilt itself, and I didn’t realize until a couple weeks later.
I went into the ACU and saw that the Drive array Accelerator battery was bad and needed to be replaced. The 2nd Array had a status of “Waiting to rebuild”.” I googled the error and saw that the firmware might be reporting the wrong error and needed to be updated. So I went and updated to v2.84 from HP and the error went away, but my Array was still stuck in “Waiting to rebuild.” I opened a case with HP and they sent me a replacement battery, replaced still same thing. Contacted HP again and sent HP my ACU logs. The engineer looked them over and said the disk set is trying to rebuild itself but there are errors or corrupted data on my active drive that hasn’t triggered as faulty hardware yet and I need to replace that drive.
So my drive which is good enough to boot and run for weeks is not good enough to mirror. So HP wants me to replace the only drive that has current data and is running fine. There are no errors in ACU for this drive but according to HP this drive should fail soon.
Has anyone run into this before? Is there a way to force the rebuild before I replace this drive?
I am running this on a HP DL380 G4, Smart Array 6i RAID controller. This is Cisco’s MCS-7845-H1-ECS1.
Prem Selvam Arumugam
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Re: DL380G4 Smart Array6i "Waiting to rebuild"


Always there is a way.

First break your mirror and recombine it, it should work.

Read the complete document and get overall understanding to avoid crashing you system.