DL380G4 VMware


DL380G4 VMware


I am aware that VmWare GSX is the supported solution, but in the interests of a cheaper solution..

I was wondering if there were any experiences or comments with Vmware server under RedHat AS on a DL380G4?
David M. Dodge
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Re: DL380G4 VMware

instead of using VMware Server(which is free) you might want to use VMware ESX 3 Starter edition. It gives you the performance of ESX and eliminates having to go through an os that adds latency. You can only run it on an 8 way box and you are restricted to 8GB of memory, and local storage, no SAN connectivity. This would make a near production solution or for a lab. It's only $1000. If you go with VMware server, you have to make sure you put it on one of the qualified host ooperating systems. Check the VMware site under documentation to check what is approved. You also have to cross check the host OS with the Pro Liant DL380G4 compatibility list.