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Re: DL385- Fan noise driving me crazy

Alex Fleming
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DL385- Fan noise driving me crazy

I took delivery of a new DL385 with a pair of 15k 147g drives and a pair of 10k 300g drives running Rhel4 x86_64. Installing the lastest PSP7.51 took some work but I was determined to see if I could quiet this box down using the health agents. No luck. Further more, now was receiving messages like this-

warning: many lost ticks.
Your time source seems to be instable or some driver is hogging interupts

This was finally resolved after many days of hair pulling but the noise problem never went away.

To my shock and horror, the noise coming from the machine were the fans in normal. On high it is like standing next to a 747.

I did not expect the machine to be quiet but this is really too much. My only choice I guess is to colocate the machine or sell it on E-bay but before I do this, is there any other less drastic solution?

Alex Fleming
Perugia, Italy
Oleg Koroz
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Re: DL385- Fan noise driving me crazy

Pop in set of Hdd with Windows Install and PSP see if that make difference and if it lead you somewhere or at least boot from smart start Cd or Firmware CD see if fan speed drops - it should