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DL385 G2 embedded NIC PXE boot

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DL385 G2 embedded NIC PXE boot

we have to install DL385G2 with two NC360T and the embdded NIC with PXE boot.
As soon as i insert two NC360T the embedded Nic disappears from the boot IPL list and the new inserted NIC will be visible .

PXE boot not possible at this time from the embedded nic !

The IPL boot list only shows 8 devices.

After disabling this two NC360T ,the embedded nics is visible again in the boot IPL and pxe boot is possible with the embedded nic.
Kedd Guyton
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Re: DL385 G2 embedded NIC PXE boot

You may be able to correct this by adjusting the boot order in the RBSU (ROM-Based Setup Utility) by pressing the F9 key during POST.