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DL580 G5 Smart Array P400 Intialize Problem

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DL580 G5 Smart Array P400 Intialize Problem

The firmware for the storage controller is v5.26.
I have updated all other firmware to the latest possible version; iLo is 1.70, etc.

I am running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise R2 x64.

The Smart Array controller will start to initialize the drive (2 72GB in RAID1) but it will stick and the "/" symbol will keep spinning and spinning for roughly 10 minutes and then error.

However, this does not happen every time the server reboots. Sometimes when I reboot it will initialize perfectly and boot up just fine. But it seems to be like every 3rd or 4th time it reboots, it gets stuck at the initialize stage.

Since this continues to happen (I even tried downgrading to v5.22 and it still occurs), is this now a hardware problem and not firmware problem?

Harry Lubansky
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Re: DL580 G5 Smart Array P400 Intialize Problem

What about the actual driver for the P400 controller? I would at least try to update that or roll it back. Has the server had problems since yuo setup the server, or has it only started with the errors since you updated firmware and then rolled back the firmware version? If the error started on its own, without any software changes, then I would suspect the hardware, especially if driver updates or firmware updates make no difference in the startup problem.
Lord Pit
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Re: DL580 G5 Smart Array P400 Intialize Problem

If the firmware upgrade didn't made that problem you propably have hardware problem. If the newiest version of the ROM doesn't fix it then you should call service.
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