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DL580G2 Smart Array 5312 Drive replacement

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DL580G2 Smart Array 5312 Drive replacement

We have a DL580G2 with a Smart Array 5312 running multiple logical arrays. A drive in one of the RAID5 arrays is starting to show write errors, etc. We would like to replace the drive. The three drives in the array are COMPAQ BD07285A25 with firmware HPB3. There are 10K RPM 72GB drives. However, the only spares we have on site are 15K RPM 72GB drives. Can I replace the 10K drive with the 15K drive without negative impact to the array, performance or data integrity?
Tarek Kawach
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Re: DL580G2 Smart Array 5312 Drive replacement

Hi Robert:

There is no issue with replacing that drive with 15k or even u320 or wu3 etc;

or even bigger size.

The Drives are backward compatable. and with in same array you can mix drives up ; as long as the replacement drive is bigger or same size; you will have no issues.

But make sure you have the latest firmware for that controller before replacing the drive. if it is new drive replacements.

Note: if you update firwmare on the SA controller ; hard drive firmware might need to be updated.

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Re: DL580G2 Smart Array 5312 Drive replacement

Not sure if this is the correct protocol as this thread is years old. We also have a BD07285A25 drive that has failed. We don't have any spares. The server is a backup server. I've searched on the net for information regarding compatible replacements and haven't found anything definite. Wondering what the guidelines are regarding substitutes?
thanks in advance...