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DL760 powers up but fails to POST

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DL760 powers up but fails to POST

Compaq DL760, 4 CPU's, 4GB of RAM, 2x 5302 RAID cards.

The server was rebooted yesterday and subsequently failed to POST. It powers on, power light blinks green, goes solid and just when it gets to the point that it should POST it doesn't, instead it just sits there with fans spinning.

I've tried pulling all the hardware apart from one CPU and two sticks of RAM. I've tried a different CPU and RAM. I did manage to get it to POST a couple of times and presumed the issue was the RAM I'd just removed. So I put it back together minus the RAM and it failed to POST again.

As a greater annoyance I pulled out spare DL760 out of storage and it's exhibiting the exact same issue. Powers up but won't POST.

Any suggestions greatfully received.
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Re: DL760 powers up but fails to POST

Hi John,

The steps you have done to get it post was fantastic. I would liek to add a few things here

1. Take everything out from the server except the components that allow you to complete the POST earlier as you mentioned
2. Put the CPU's one at a time (This will rule out if there is any CPU issue or not)
3. If you managed to put all the CPUs and POST fine, then try to add the memory sticks in pair until the server fails to POST

That way you will narrow down the issue to the CPU or Memory

Amha Kassa
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Re: DL760 powers up but fails to POST

I am having the smae issue.

I've ruled out power supplies and even swapped the CPUs to the other bank.

I isolated the server to its own power source since the rack its in was pretty saturated.

What's most frustrating aboutt his is that these boxes are designed to be HA. It's irritating that it will fail to post with no error indicators at all.