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DPE 4 SP1 (Build: 43064)

Louis Biaggi
Occasional Contributor

DPE 4 SP1 (Build: 43064)

I have installed DPE SBS 4.0 SP1 on an windows server 2008 SBS (64bit). After I have set up a daily save and try to run the job, the failure as follow (see the attachement) will appear in the protocol: "Fehler 2147754767: Informationen zum Fehler entnehmen Sie der Dokumentation".
What can I do to solve the problem? Thank you in advance, Louis
Ray Brickhill
New Member

Re: DPE 4 SP1 (Build: 43064)

I seem to have the same issue on the same OS. I was wondering if you had solved this issue.