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Dead RAID 5 Array - Help!

Mike Kemp_2
New Member

Dead RAID 5 Array - Help!

Hi all,

RAID 5 with Online HOT SPARE

A drive has failed in my server.
The following error occurred - the HOT SPARE DID NOT kick in

1721 Slot 4 Drive Array
Drive parameter tracking predicts imminent failure.

Slot 1 SCSI ID 1
The following drive should be replaced when conditions permit:SCSI port 1 Scsi ID 1.
Do not replace drives in the array unless other drives in the array are online

I removed the faulty Drive and the hot spare kicked in. It now seems like it's rebuilding (lots of action on the drives & card) but it will not boot at all.

Anyone seen this. Please advise.
Many thanks,
Mike K
Ron Moody
Frequent Advisor

Re: Dead RAID 5 Array - Help!

It sounds like your array controller has gone haywire.

Run ADU from Smart Start.

If that doesn't return any errors, remove all the drives, boot into the BIOS and clear the NVRAM, then replace the drives and restart.

If that doesn't do it, I'd say the array controller is bad...