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Disappointed with new ML350 G6 fan noise

I McWilliams

Disappointed with new ML350 G6 fan noise

Looking for a new server to be used in a ome/Office environment I chose the new ML350 G6 specifically on its advertised 30db noise level in a 23C ambiant environment.

This is a single processor @ 2GHz, with the 460 Watt power supply. From an efficiency point of view it's great, iLO reports only 115W being used however there is significant fan noise from the unit.

30db is approximately the sound of a quiet room, but I can hear the fan drone on the server from 10 metres away.

iLO reports Fan 1 (Memory) at 23% and Fan 2 (CPU) at 35%.

Temperatures are :-
Ambient - 23C
CPU 1 - 40C
Memory - 28C to 37C

Power is set on HP Dynamic Power Savings Mode.

I'm assuming the noise is coming from Fan 2 (35%) but can't see anything in the BIOS config to reduce the fan speed.

Any suggestions?

Aage Andre Øvereng
New Member

Re: Disappointed with new ML350 G6 fan noise


Having exactly the same problem with the same temperatures.
Did you find a solution to this problem?

Aage Andre.