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Disk Write Delay Error

Michael Ricks
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Disk Write Delay Error


I have set up a customer with 2 storage servers that consist of 1 x HP PROLIANT DL360 G4P Server each with Windows 2003 Server (32 Bit) 1 x Gb ECC RAM, 2 x internal 250 Gb internal SATA Drives, CTR-LSI2320R LSI U320 SCSI CARD that runs 3 x Promise Arrays each with 15 x 500 Gb SATA HDD. These are obviously two fairly large set of storage servers (approx 19 TB each) for capturing and storing video info 24 x 7. Each Promise device is setup as 1 Raid 5 Volume. So in summary each server sees 5 by hard drive through the disk manager.


When we write to the internal 250 Gb drives in each storage server there is no problem, however; after writing to one of the promise raid arrays usually after anywhere between 4-10 hours the server will stop writing to the array and windows comes up with the error Disk Write Delay error. I suspect but am not sure it is maybe a SCCSI Error.