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Disk swapping error - ACU and DAAD fail 3200 array not seen

Adam Isherwood
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Disk swapping error - ACU and DAAD fail 3200 array not seen

I have a proliant 5500 6/500 quad cpu and 1.8Gb ram. Its a play box I plan to put on-line as a web server when its sorted.

I changed the HD's array order (physically moved the disks into similar groups)with out first using ACU to delete the logical array.
I failed to make a note of the original positions and DAAD is confused telling me that some of the disks were 72Gb even though the largest disk I have had in it are 36Gb.

At the same time the CD failed to boot (Listed in the bios as enabled second controler; boot sequence a: CD: C: ), nothing I do has enabled booting from the 5.10 smart start disk (using disketts).

(I changed the system dip switch to allow configuration changes.)

I have tried :
1)ACU - does not see the SmartArray 3200.

2)DAAD - confused view does not always see the disks in the array correctly if at all.

3)system board memory erase;with erase utility and via dip switchs.

4)moving the disks back to the original layout using the DAAD utility to guide me.

5)a replacement 3200 array card.

6)Removed all cpu's and boards connected to the mother board in a vain hope that something would reset.

I finally have an F1 and F2 option to continue or rebuild, and have been able to place/save the F10 system utilities, on a disk in the array ? ; but ACU still does not see the 3200 card that all the disks are connected through as the array, an dthe CD still will not boot at all.

I am presuming I have dropped a monumental !?--! up, and that something is set on the mother board that I cannot change with the utilities I have or that a tempory jumper needs setting - although my search has turned up nothing.
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Re: Disk swapping error - ACU and DAAD fail 3200 array not seen

Better late then never, but I think that if you use Smartstart 5.50 your problem gets solved.
I changed array's combined with a SmartArray 3200 lot's of times without deleting the setup first.