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Diskette Image - RAID Controller - Proliant ML110

Paul Bickham
New Member

Diskette Image - RAID Controller - Proliant ML110

Hi all,

I have just purchased a Proliant ML110 G5 for my small office. I need to install the HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller driver and create a driver diskette.

(I will be installing SBS 2003 R2)

HELP! : After searching the HP site for what seems like forever, I have not been able to identify the driver I need. Where is this and how do I create a diskette image?

It also says that I need to boot it from a floppy. As I do not have a floppy drive, are there any considerations I need to make when purchasing a USB floppy drive? Does it need to be HP? What about installing the floppy drive driver on the ML110 before the OS is installed?

I'm pretty stuck on what to do here and would really, really appreciate some advice...both on creating the diskette and floppy drive.

(but laymens terms please as I'm not overly technical!)

Many thanks in advance.
Al Dobson
New Member

Re: Diskette Image - RAID Controller - Proliant ML110

I have been working with HP on this for two weeks now.
They have finally admitted that they have a problem.
We are in the process of going to level 3 support.
They have sent me beta drivers but they still don't work.
After you install the drivers there is a problem. You will get error code 010.
New Member

Re: Diskette Image - RAID Controller - Proliant ML110

Hi all,

I have the same problem : finding a working driver for my ML110 G3 HP Embedded Raid Controller (official HP ones non working)

I tried Gigabyte adapatec driver, i can install SBS but the drives are seen individually instead of one drive mirrored in SBS 2003.
Moreover if you update the drivers with Intel Storage Manager, non stop rebooting !

Does anybody have a solution instead of installing without raid and rebuiding the raid array which take a whole day in my case (320 Gb)?

Hope to thank anybody soon.