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Dl 360 G4p teaming prb

Viegas Steve
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Dl 360 G4p teaming prb


I got a prb with a dl 360g4, after selecting teaming card and press team, I receive a error message about "Large Send Offload", the virtual card not receive a IP from the dhcp server, and the server is not able to ping any address of the vlan.

Any Clue guys ?

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Re: Dl 360 G4p teaming prb

The large send offload message is nothing to worry about. You'll get that in all cases when teaming.

As for not getting a DHCP address, make sure your nics set the appropriate speed to talk on the network. You may even want to un-team them and see if you can use them individually to communicate with the network.

Normally though, one wouldn't use a DHCP address on a server. While technically not a show-stopping issue, you don't want a server to risk not being able to get an address from the network if your DHCP server is down. I'm not sure, but I wonder if the static IP address is actually a requirement of the teaming utility.