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Dl380 g8 doesn't power on

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Dl380 g8 doesn't power on

Dear Experts,
I have stuck in a bad situation.
I have a dl380p g8 server.
It used to work fine. It had 4 number of 16gb rams. I changed the rams to two 32 gb. After that the device didn't turn on at all. Even after changing back the previous 16gb rams.
Bios version: 2015.
Hdd raid was 5.

The symptoms:
-Health light led is red and blinking 1 htz.
-the power button led is solid orange for 5 sec and then blinks green twice and this cycle starts again.
-The rear psu lights are blinking green.
-When i push power button, fan #6 spins for a second and then stops. Nothing more happens.
-last ILO log belongs to last time the server was fine and there is no new log.
- we see this items in ILO:
BIOS/hardware health: failed×
Fans: not installed
Memory: other
Power status: redundant
Power supply: not installed
Temperatures: not installed

Works I did:
I removed all hdds and rams.
I removed and placed back PSUs and cmos battery.
I checked input power voltage and grounding. All are ok.

Thanks a lot in advance for your helps.
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Re: Dl380 g8 doesn't power on

I just was told that if I unplug SID cable, it will power on and it did!!
Appearantly, it was a SID cable fault. But there is a danger now, If temperature rises, It is going to be a big problem. 


Re: Dl380 g8 doesn't power on



As per your input suspecting issue with the newly memories. I hope you had used HPE supported memories.

I hope you have the complete the data backup because of that you already removed all the hard disks, not sure you will get the same raid configuration.

I would suggest you check with another HPE supported memory.


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Share the IML error for further investigations. 

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