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'Downshift' error


'Downshift' error


I have two new identical DL380G4s.
I am getting the same two errors on bootup, on both freshly built servers:

cpqcissm: The device, \device\scsi\cpqissm1 did not respond within the timeout period

And then:

SCSI bus fault Occurred on Storage Box 0,,0 of Array Controller . This may result in a 'downshift' in transfer rate of one or more drives on the bus.

I have found a lot of posts regarding this, both relating to driver or firmware updates. I can confirm on both servers in question:

Smart Array .... Driver:
Smartarray Firmware: 2.68
All Windows update as of today.

For giggles, I checked the version of cpqcissm.sys as, and the motherboard firmware as the latest.

The servers also have an LSI SCSI card, I assume it to be unrelated, particularly as one has nothing connected to it.

All hardware seems fine. Systems Management Homepage reports everything in the green, and Array Configuration Utility appears to report all hard drives running at full speed.

Any assistance appreciated.
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Re: 'Downshift' error

Hello Joshua,

Any storage box connected?
Have you tried to do a ROM update on all the disks too via the Firmware Cd?


Re: 'Downshift' error


There are no external devices on one machine.
One has a tape drive, which is running fine.

I have not tried an update on the hard disks, however they all appear to already be running the latest firmware.