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Drive Array Controller Failure

Scott Weaston
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Drive Array Controller Failure

I have had a problem with my Compaq ProLiant ML570. The SCSI HD in Slot 1 ID:4 had gone bad. It would cause the server to fail, throwing up a red screen and an error message that I never saw. I removed it to order a replacement for it. That was a few weeks ago. Since it has given that same error and restarted several times. Yesterday, it did it about 12 times before I gave up restarting it. Today I restarted and noticed that it was now displaying a Drive Array Controller Failure message and would not fully restart.

Any idea of what the problem could be? Do I need to replace the controller? If so, does anyone know what a suitable replacement part would be for it?
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Drive Array Controller Failure

You can try to Reset Controller
Update Firmware, move to Different slot, Disconnect SCSI cable see if Problem still Exist over POST, othervise replace it

Slot 4 â you need to see POST message for model or Open Server, most likely is 5300 if so SPN
See Storage Controllers

532 - 226874-001
431 - 143886-001