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Drive Fault Light On but drive OK

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Drive Fault Light On but drive OK

I have a DL380G2 that has been workking well for two years. Just this week the drive fail lights on position 0 and 5 have come on but the drives are reported as working. Replacing the drives has not helped. Also when shutting the server down it hangs and fails to completely shut down and reboot. I must manually power it down. No POST errors noted. Any thoughts?
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Re: Drive Fault Light On but drive OK

Firstly nothing obvious comes to mind. :-(

I would suggest further checking. What is the operating system? If windows and a smart array, have you tried running the HP Insight Diagnostics? This comes with recent versions of ProLiant Support Pack. If you don't have a recent copy of PSP then ideally get one from the "Download drivers and software" link or you can download just the online diag (and install online), see:

This tool now has a Smart Array Drive Diagnosis (as there may be predictive errors accumulating).

If you just have SCSI, is anything else connected to the same bus?

Sorry these are not answers but hopefully they are pointers to your solution. :-)
Regards, Dave
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Re: Drive Fault Light On but drive OK

Thanks for the reply. Its running Win2K Server and I tied reloading the operating system to a completely new set of drives. There was a AHA29160LP SCSI card connecet to a tape drive on ot as well. Removing the card made no difference but when the operating system was reloaded the drive light in position 0 was extinguished but the one in position 5 remains on. Reinstalling the card on the fresh install turns lights on at 0 and 5. Temination is set at Auto on the bios setup and all the drivers are the latest. PSP version is 7.60.... so I should be up to date. even tried updating the smart array flash bios. Perplexed. Thanks, Ron
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Re: Drive Fault Light On but drive OK

Have you tried running System Erase from the SmartStart CD before reinstalling?

SmartStart also has an offline Insight Diagnostics which may be of great use to you now.

Are the drives connected to the Smart Array 5i?

At this point I'm wondering whether the issue is with the Smart Array 5i or the SCSI backplane.
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Re: Drive Fault Light On but drive OK

I will try the system uninstall tomorrow and see if that makes any difference. Insight Diagnostics does not indicate any problems with the drives or the array. Thanks,