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Dynamic Smart Array B220i RAID Controller keeps loosing Logical Drive after power shutdown

Occasional Contributor

Dynamic Smart Array B220i RAID Controller keeps loosing Logical Drive after power shutdown



I own two HP Microservers Gen8. I added SSD drive on the DVD SATA port in both servers. I created Raid 0 over the SSD Drive that I can boot from the SSD drive, but everytime I shutdown the box (power outage), the logical drive is lost. Note that the logical drive is not lost on reboot. Only when the box is is shutdown. Any ideas why is this happening?


Note: it is not possible to boot from the drive attached to DVD SATA port which is a shame. Not sure why HP does not let us to boot from any port we want.


Here are repro steps:


Enter Smart Storage Administrator
Select onDynamic Smart Array B220i RAID Ctroller

Click on "Unassigned Drive"


Screen shows me:

- 3TB Port1:Bay1
- 3TB Port2:Bay2


- 120GB Port5:Bay5


I selected Sata SSD drive in Port5:Bay5

I clicked on "Create Array"

On a next screen I select the following:
I selected RAID 0, 256 KiB Stripe Size, 32 Sectors, Maximum Size
I click on "Create Logical Drive"


On a next screen:
A message: Logical Drive was successfully created.
I click on Finish
I exit the Smart Storage Manager and reboot the system.


The server boots from the Raid0 Array (Sata SSD Drive in Port5:Bay5) -> No problem


If I just reboot the server, it boots from the Raid0 Array. - No problem

If I shut down the server (or during Power outage), the Smart Array tells me that there is no logical array during the boot. The boot fails. -> Qualifies for a problem.

Please can you explain why is the logical drive lost after power loss? Why the controller does not remember the setting?


Other details:

- Dynamic Smart Array B220i RAID Controller (v3.54.0)

- When I boot to Smart Storage Administrator after power failure, I can recreate the Raid 0 over the SSD drive and boot again - this a work around the issue.


Thank you for your advise.