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EVENT ID'S FOR HP Proliant Servers

Binu Koshy
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EVENT ID'S FOR HP Proliant Servers

Hi All,
Please provide the Event ID'S of HP Proliant Servers for below mentioned events

Application Evetns

1.Array Disk Predictive Failure Reported

2.Controller Battery Needs Reconditioning

3.Enclosure Temp Exceeded Max Warning Threshold

4.Virtual Disk Degraded

5.Controller Battery Low

6.Virtual Disk Failed

7.Enclosure Failed

8.Array Disk Degraded

9.Array Disk Failed

10.Virtual disk no longer redundant

System Event

1.Predictive Failure reported

2.Power Supply Failure

3.Redundancy Degraded

4.Memory Device Warning

5.Temperature Probe Warning

6.Power Supply Warning

7.Redundancy Lost Warning

8.Memory Device Failure

9.AC Power Cord Failure
Olibe Babaco
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Re: EVENT ID'S FOR HP Proliant Servers

Hi Binu,

that's a lot of work but I guess You can use this one:

Microsoft Windows Event ID and SNMP Traps

I hope this helps