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Re: Enlightened me on boot order compaq proliant 1600

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Enlightened me on boot order compaq proliant 1600

I have a compaq proliant 1600 that was given to me it has six 34.6 Gig hard drives in it but i can only access one of them that one has windows 2003 server on it.when i try to boot the the other drives i get the error non system disk i also tried to see all of the hardware on the server runing the diagnostic utility but it hangs at about seventy five percent i have the smartstart CD 5.5.I am at a lost this is the first time i have dealt with a SCSI hard drive and controller.
richard verhoeven
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Re: Enlightened me on boot order compaq proliant 1600

owkay, before i can answer this question with 110% acuracy i need just a little more info, like..

are these HDD's connected to a array controler or are they connected to the onboard scsi bus ? ( the easy way to tel is to open the frontside and tell me if there are 4 HDD's in rem. brackets (each one should have 3 led's on it)

are you planning on re-installing the server with youre own OS ? if so, you could best use the smartstart cd and erase the server settings, this will give you a nice clean and fresh start and a way to learn more about SCSI.

the normal boot sequence if a array controller is used is:

1. array controller
2. onb. scsi bus 1
3. onb. scsi bus 2

Hope this helps, if not provide more info and ill e glad to Enlight you..