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Re: Error when adding USB card

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Error when adding USB card

I'm attempting to install a PCI USB card in this system. Got an error on boot up:

PCI System Error on BUS/DEVICE/FUNCTION 0040h

Cannot F2 into the setup. Any suggestions?
Dave Unverhau_1
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Re: Error when adding USB card

What kind of system (what model), and what's the model of the USB card?

My guess is that the PCI bus spec of the card is incompativle with that of the system.

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Re: Error when adding USB card

Found this here:

6.1.2 PnP Boot Devices
During POST, the PnP BIOS may choose to configure some or all of the devices in the
system. However, as per the Plug and Play BIOS Specification it is required that a
PnP BIOS configure all IPL devices including BEVs and BCVs. Any of these devices
could be on any bus or accessed over a bus bridge, so busses and bridges must be
enabled as well. All option ROMs must be mapped into system memory between
C0000h and EFFFFh.