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Event log full, NetServer doesn't start

Peter Schöttler
Occasional Advisor

Event log full, NetServer doesn't start

I have a NetServer LH3r running NT4.0(SP6a).
Because the HP Agent services exceed nearly 100% of CPU performance, I rebooted the server. After this the server doesn't start anymore. All leds and drives seems to boot up, but nothing is shown on the screen.
The display of the NetServer shows 'Event log full'.
First after I removed the power cables, the event log was emptied and the server booted up successfully.

Is this a typical behaviour? (Agent services up to 100%, server doesn't start with full event log.)

Peter Schoettler
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Event log full, NetServer doesn't start

Hi Peter,

the high CPU usage when the SEL (Hardware EventLog) is full has been an issue longtime ago with certain rev's of the management agents.

It is not normal for the system to not come up anymore when the SEL is full, maybe their was another issue but systems with a full SEL should come up normal, they just can't add any additional entry to the SEL anymore besides the 16 events in the extra buffer.

So check if you are on the last agents version here :〈=en&cc=us&swEnvOID=24#1122


Peter Schöttler
Occasional Advisor

Re: Event log full, NetServer doesn't start

Ehhlo Kris,

thank you for answer.
I'm going to install the latest version of Top Tools/Hp Agents and I think the problem will be fixed by this. Otherwise I'm not able to proof it, because this strange behaviour/error happens for the first time in nearly six years.

Nevertheless, thanks yor your advice.