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Expand RAID5 Array

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Expand RAID5 Array


We have an HP ProLiant ML350(G2) server that has been running for 3 years. We have need for more file storage space.

Currently there is an existing (three 18GB drives) Raid 5 array setup with 2 logical drives (C,D). I would like to add new drives into this existing array and add the new space onto an existing logical drive (D). Of course, we want to do this non-destructively!

Is this possible with the ML350 G2? If so, how would I go about doing this? Do I have to boot into the RAID controller firmware or does HP have software that runs under Windows Server 2003? And will I need 3rd party software to combine the new space with the D: partition after the new drive is added?

Actually, we want to double our space by adding 3 new hot swap drives. I've heard that it takes about 20 minutes/GB to expand an array. We are adding 3 new 18GB drives. Should we add them one at a time, or put all 3 in at once???

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Re: Expand RAID5 Array

You can use ACU Array Configuration Utility to reconfigure your RAID, but you have to do previous to changes something the final changes.
First read whats is the difeence between basic and dynamic disks, because you need to change your basic disks into dynamic disks.