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Extending a logical drive under Linux

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Extending a logical drive under Linux

How many times can a logical drive be extended under Linux? Also, if multiple logical drives exist, will the extention of one first created affect the ability to extend the other?
robert walker_4
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Re: Extending a logical drive under Linux


Are you using LVM? If so then just expand using LVM. If not then you can have problems if the logical drive is around other partitions as you will have to drop them to expand.

Basically if your not using LVM the only solution to this is to backup everything up in that device so all logical units in the physical device and rebuild the logical drives and restored.

You also havent mentioned if its on a SAN or intelligent RAID array such as Smart Array - if so then you should be able to expand those and you may be able to expand then - although still best to back it up prior to any work.