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Extending the boot (system) volume

Sahap Yuzer
Occasional Advisor

Extending the boot (system) volume

I'm trying to extend my C drive (Raid 1+0) which is running out of disk space. (ProLiant DL380 G3 with Smart Array 5i)

I bought 2 larger drives, replaced them with the mirrored drives one by one waiting it to rebuild first. And then I extended the partition using HP Array Configuration Utility. That did not extended my C partition. Now I have 2 partitions, second one is unallocated.

Is there way to extend the drive to include that unallocated partition? I've search the forum and found one answer which looked little dangerous.,289142,sid68_gci1126671,00.html

Anyone tried this, or have a better and safer way to extend this C drive?

Thanks in advance...