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Failed Mirror Drive

George Smith_5
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Failed Mirror Drive

I have an ML370 with 3 pairs of mirrored drives.

I'm using a Smart Array 642 Controller.

One of the drives has just failed.

I've ordered in a replacement.

Am I correct in assuming that if I replace the drive and restart the server, it will walk me through formatting the new drive, recognize that it's the second of a mirror'd pair, and continue on to copy the data from the mirror to the replacement hard drive?

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Re: Failed Mirror Drive

You should be able to simply replace the drive while the server is running and the controller will detect the new drive and commence the recovery operation. You can confirm the recovery by the flashing of the centre status LED on the front of the drive. The operation should not be interrupted.

If you wish to perform the recovery operation in the absence of other activity shutdown the server before replacing the drive. You may have initiate the recovery by pressing F1 during the POST sequence.

I would recommend you read the user guide before continuing: