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Failing Hot Swap Power Supplies DL380 G4

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Failing Hot Swap Power Supplies DL380 G4

Hi All,

I have a Proliant DL380 G4 server, which runs Windows 2003 SPack 1.

Pre-swap - both lights on unit LED's were green.

I hot swapped the power supply from bay 2 as the IML reported a fault on the unit concerned.

The server then re-started. The OS event log - system tab wrote an event stating the machine had been brought down unexpectedly and had crashed.

The IML reported the insertion of the new power supply unit.

So far, browsing the HP forums and support pages, I have found no reason why this event occurred on this type of machine

All of my firmware on this computer is not up to date due to not having control & input over this.

I cannot retrieve the part # and serial # of this component as it is a data ctr many miles away.

The server was unavailable for three minutes whilst it surfaced.

My key point is: Has HP issued a customer advisory notice or product recall notice on this part?

I have two other servers, both DL380 G3 units. They are presenting the same fault, where, I have to hot swap a failed power supply on each computer.

I am a bit nervous of hot-swapping at the minute.

What would you recommend I do?

Constructive comments are welcomed.


Harry Van Hoof