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Fan Speed on tc3100

Mike Schneider_2
Occasional Contributor

Fan Speed on tc3100

The case fan on my tc3100 does not speed up as the unit gets hot. It runs fast for the first few seconds after power up, but then never increases speed. The drives throw off enough heat to shut the CPUs down if the case fan stays running on low. I have replaced the fan twice with no change. I also upgraded the Bios to the latest version. Does anyone have an idea about what to check next? I can’t find anyplace in the Bios or in windows to monitor or adjust the fan.

Right now I have a case fan wired to an AC adapter and plugged into the wall which runs the fan at full tilt and cools great. I prefer however, to have the fan attached to the server in the way it was designed. Coincidentally, the system has not given me any warnings that the case fan is disconnected, off, slow, etc even though it is not plugged into the Mother board.

Any thoughts are appreciated.