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Hello, after installing Centos 7.3 on my hp Proliant Microserver Gen 8, the fan speed remains constant at 70% despite the server not working; And this fact seems to me a little abnormal.

It is my fault that the high speed of the fan is cumbersome in the temperature of the discs (5 discs one of which places the cd player) and ILO is 50 ° despite the discs not working; My question that I want to ask and the one to know if it is possible to install drivers or set some parameters so that the temperature is correctly detected to decrease the fan speed; Or some setting to make it go more slowly.

Kind regards Andrea Bertoni

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Fan

You need to make sure you are running System ROM firmware version 06.06.2014 or newer.  The newer firmware will run the fans much slower. Search the forum for Microserver Gen8 Fan Noise, you will find very detailed threads on the topic

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